Top 10 Place for shopping in Rajasthan
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This quote is applicable for Shopping in Rajasthan, - Shopper’s Paradise, A collectible’s venue, name it as it suits you. Rajasthan is truely a shopper’s delight.  The vibrant colours in the shopping area,  the bustling markets, the aromatic flavors’ of the food everything is apt to keep one engrossed in the shopping haven.  One can buy anything right from fabric to spices.  Hence, we decided to put forth a few shopping places in Rajasthan for your reference.


This place offer’s you everything ethnic fabric to Handicraft. 

1. Johari Bazaar (Jaipur)

As the name suggest, this place satiates your taste for jewellery. Jaipur has undoubtedly has the best jewellery collection.  It has a collection of precious, semi-precious stones and gems which are handmade. In case, one is not very keen to buy the expensive gems, they can easily opt for jewelleries with warranty.

2. Bapu Bazaar (Jaipur)

Primarily famous for textile and handlooms, one can also buy accessories at a reasonable price.  One-stop shop for all you want!!!


Colours describe the city of energy and its beauty, the way Jaipur is called Pink city, Jodhpur is called the Blue City of Rajasthan. It’s primarily famous for its antiques. Apart from that the splendid monuments, vibrant culture ensure to keep you mesmerized. With umpty options at your disposal to shop from, I am sure it’s gonna be challenge to pick the right stuff.

3. Clock Tower Market – The spices market (Jodhpur)

For all the foodies who crave to taste various food items and try cooking new dishes along with variety of herbs and spices, this is the place you can source it from. The clock Tower Market is primarily know for the variety of spices it sells. Along with this one can choose to shop for antiques, handicrafts, flavored-teas, and clothings.

4. Nai Sarak (Jodhpur)

Bandhani’s form an intrinsic part of the Rajasthan culture, couture and tourist shopping.  As one walks down the lane of Nai sarak, the bandhani their signature fabric mesmerizes with its playful colour and designs. One, cant resist the rempation of buying the fabric. One can be assured that by the end of the day they would carry loads of bandhani fabric with them.


The Venice of the East. The most romantic gateways in India. There is a sense of Royalty and tradition in the air. Udaipur is certainly has one of the most charismatic landscapes.

5. Bada Bazaar (Udaipur)

As the name suggest, this place houses everything from small shops to big showrooms. One can find everything right from bandhani to antiques at cheap to reasonable pricing.

6. Hathi Pol Bazaar (Udaipur)

Hathi Pol Bazar is a shopper’s paradise. Rajasthan has always been famous for its handicrafts and ethnic home decor items, especially the detailing for miniature paintings. The footfalls in this market is more of the locals than tourists. All the items are priced at reasonable rates. However if one is good at bargaining they can still try their hands on.

7. Sadar Bazar (Jaisalmer)

The authentic feel of the desert is largely sensed in Jaisalmer, while most of the other cities way paved the way to urbanization, Jaisalmer still wears the look of traditional Rajasthan in its true sense. Sadar Bazaar is the place to shop over here if you want to source items jewelry, shawls, wooden items or souvenirs.

8. Mahatma Gandhi Road (Bikaner)

The world famous Bikaneri Bhujia owes its existence to this place. Though the crowd of tourist is lesser here, it still has a variety of things to offer to the world. Mahatma Gandhi Road decked up with shops selling textiles and leather juttis (mojris), other Knick and knacks form a part of the shopping.

Signature kundan jewelry, is found in the interior of the place. Bikaneri bhujia  is available at Station Road, which is a part of Mahatma Gandhi Road.

9.  Kote Gate (Bikaner)

This is the entrance to Bikaner, Kote Gate is one of the busiest points in Bikaner. Huge variety in miniature paintings, khadi items, woodcrafts, accessories and utensils along with others are available over here. Not to mention bikaneri sweets and namkeen handicrafts and camel leather goods are found over here.

10. Sarafa Bazar (Pushkar)

Sadar Bazar is a place where you’ll find attractive tribal jewelry made of silver and beads. The place also offers various  accessories, puppets, Hindu god idols, leatherware, textiles. Not to mention bargaining skills always comes handy. Camel fair is the biggest attraction over here, in Pushkar. There are various bathing ghats, which are built in traditional style.