25 offbeat places to visit in the entire state of Rajasthan
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Rajasthan, a place of rich cultural, history & land of dreams. The tiniest lane also exuberates vibrancy of the place. The palaces and the forts speak of the rich history that it has in abundance. The royalty of rajasthan is in the air of the state. As the famous tagline goes “Padharo Mhare Desh”  is justified by the hospitability and the warmth in the people’s behavior.

As mentioned earlier the state is famous for its forts and palaces, every city and its palace has a different saga to keep you fascinated during your tour.

There are around 25 offbeat places to visit in the entire state of Rajasthan.


1. Chittorgarh  

A renowned world heritage site, and gives an unique experience if one wishes to undertake trekking from Udaipur. It is approximately 120 km away and located on the banks of the river Gambhiri and Berach. Chittorgarh is the home to largest fort complex.  If one wishes they can enjoy the scenic beauty of Chittorgarh  with an overnight stay provided in Fort Begu in the vicinity. Fort Begu offer you an spectacular view of peacocks from the room, the room by itself features mosaic mirror work on the walls, and colourful glass panels in the arched windows.

2. Kumbhalgarh

Have a thirst for wildlife, quench your thirst at Kumbhalgarh. A home to hyenas, sloth bears, leopards, the rare chinkara and numerous birds. The best time to view this would be in the nights. A stay can be planned at Fateh Safari lodge which nestles around 35 rooms. It has an spectacular view of Aravali mountains.

3. Narlai

A town situated close to Ranakpur temples, is Narlai.  It is approximately 2 hours away from Udaipur. Rawal Narlai nestles 32 rooms which is a heritage hotel and once a hunting lodge for the royal family. As per one’s instructions dinner can be set up at the Narlai stepwell or a leopard safari to catch a glimpse of the big cat. One can visit Seli, which is a stopover for Migratory Birds.

4. Deogarh

Longing for a sense of serenity, then Deogarh is the place. Although it is surrounded by state’s major cities- Udaipur( 135KM), Jodhpur ( 150 Km) and Jaipur (275 Km). This places sit’s in the lap of woods,  There is a home stay by the name of Dev Shree, the team of Devshree are a bunch of hospitable and warm people, they will happily take you for walking tours or drives. One can also visit the Deogarh village to get a glimpse of village life, their traditions and customs.

5. Dungarpur

City located in southwest part of rajasthan, It is the cleanest and first ODF(Open defecation free) city in Rajasthan. The climate of the city is quite dry. Summers range between 43 degree’s to 26 degrees. Winters range between 25 degrees to 9 degrees. Baneshwar Fair in February and archeological museum are the major attractions. Though most of the sites are already in ruins, it still gives a glimpse of culture and the traditions.


6. Alsisar

It’s a small town located in northwest part of Juhunjhunu District Rajasthan. It is 194Km away from Jaipur. Alsisar is famous for its havelis and cenotaphs.

Every year several holidaymaker return to go to the havelis on that fresco painting is completed.

The main attraction of this place is Magnetic Fields Music Festival, hosted in the grand Alsisar Palace. This event invites many electronic and live music performers from all around the world.

The guests get to camp within the desert and have a gala time of their life.

7. Churu

A peek into the Thar Desert starts from Churu. It nestles grand havelis with marvelous fresco paintings, namely Kanhaiya Lal Bagla Ki Haweli and Surana Haweli, with hundreds of small windows. It also has some fine Chhatris.

Near the city could be a non secular seat of the Nath sect of Sadhus wherever there area unit life-size marble statues of their deities and an area for prayers.

At the centre of the city could be a fort designed concerning five hundred years agone.

Not to forget there are also shifting sand dunes in this areas. The climates are extreme with summer temperature crossing as high as 50 degrees whereas winters below freezing point. the crumbling Sethani Ka Johara reservoir are all worth a visit.

8. Desert Safari

It is said that the deserts have a different story to tell during the day and night. Therefore the experience of the desert remains incomplete without a night stay into the great Thar desert. Enjoy the Camel rides which take you through the golden sand. Experience the magical view of the sun setting into the sea of sand.

9. Abandoned village of Kuldhara

This was once a place occupied by the Paliwal Brahmins who had migrated from Pali. Once a bustling town this place was abandoned overnight due to the evil eye cast on one of the girls in the village, the villagers post buying time to handover the girl the minister, overnight the entire village was abandoned. Post that there was a curse which stated that anyone who tries to inhabitate the village would be unsuccessful. Post that no one dared to settle on this village again. For years it has continued to attract the tourists who have special interest in Paranomal activity. It is situated around 40mins away from the city.

10. Desert National Park

It is located near the towns of Jaisalmer and Barmer. It is one of the largest National Parks.

The major landform consists of craggy rocks and compact salt lake bottoms, intermedial areas and fixed dunes.

This region is a haven for migratory birds as well as the resident birds of this region. Various species of eagle, harriers, falcons, buzzards, kestrel, and vultures are found over here.

The vulnerable nice Indian wader could be a splendid bird found in comparatively truthful numbers.

The Desert park features a assortment of fossils of animals and plants of a hundred and eighty million years previous.

Some fossils of dinosaurs of half-dozen million years previous are found within the space.

Jeep safari is sufficient to venture around this area.

11. Longewala

The history says it all about this place. It needs no introduction, the famous battle of 1971 was fought on this land wherein the Indian post had refused to give up on the post till the support from the other defence spheres came. Today one can see the jeeps and tanks that were captured by the Indian army during the war. One needs to coordinate with the local tour operators for permits and procedures.

12. Ajmer

A town with unique spiritual essence which binds both the Hindu and Muslim communities is Ajmer. Its is situated 180 Kms from the Pink City Jaipur.  It is tomb of the famous Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti who died here in 1236. This dargah is one of the important Sufi shrines. There are other monuments such as Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Akbar’s Palace and Museum, and the Taragarh Fort which also are worth the visit.  The death anniversary is an occasion which celebrated with reverence.

13. Keoladeo National Park

Around 184 Km away from Jaipur and 26 Km away from Fatehpur Sikri. Bharatpur is famous for its Bird Sanctuary – The Keoladeo National Park. Around 380 species of Indigenious birds and migratory species  nest in this bird sanctuary. A day trip from Bharatpur,to  the beautiful 18th century Deeg Palace, which is 32km from the park which was a summer retreat of the Jat kings is a sprawling complex of palaces, pavilions and gardens.

14. Dera Amer

A calling for Elephant lovers. Dear Amer is a elephant camp which is located in the private forest of the Aravalis. One can live with the elephants over here. The guest can feed and the bathe the elephants and also undertake trek’s through the forest.  Jeep safaris to the Amer Fort, Nahargarh National Park and surrounding area are also organized . One can explore the region on Camel back and watch out for dusky eagle owls and laughing doves.

15. Dundlod Fort

The Dundlod Fort, dating back to the 17th century is a magnificent fort which has now been turned into one of the most frequented heritage hotels in Rajasthan. The resort preserves the nostalgia of Shekawats, the warrior Rajputs who withstood the assault of Mughals. The fort is an embodiment of cultural amalgamation of Rajputana and Mughal School of Art and Architecture. The theme of flowers and foliage, minarets, mythological paintings, archaic furniture, wall hangings transport you to the olden days. Experience the traditional unforgettable hospitality of the Rajput Royals. The opulent rooms, the mouthwatering dining, the horde of activities add to the thrilling experience of a holiday in the luxurious heritage resort

16. Mandawa

Mandawa is a town located 190 km from Jaipur. The town is well connected by road. Mandawa developed as a  trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes which halted here from China and the Middle East. The fort was built by Thakur Nawal Singh, the Rajput ruler of Nawalgarh and Mandawa,  in 1755 inorder to protect this outpost. Being a junction for the caravan routes mandawa grew and the fort soon attracted a large population.  Now converted into a heritage hotel, this was founded in the 18th Century. There are various paintings of Lord Krishna and his cows, there are beautiful frescoes which gives complete justice to the heritage fort. The town exuberates  exceptionally fascinating mansions(havelis) that have lavishly painted walls due to which it reffered to as the "open art gallery" of Rajasthan.

17. Ramthara Fort

As the name suggest, it is named after Lord Ram. According to a legend Lord Ramstayed here while on the way to Lanka.  The fort offers an excellent view of surrounding farmlands, forests and the Kalisil Lake, which houses spot deer, wolves and jackals. Within the fort, there are multiple shrines like the Ganesh Mandir and the Shiva Mandir. The interior of the fort is an fine example of latticework and traditional artistry.

18. Samode Palace

This palace is only 42 Kms away from Jaipur. Connected well by road, rail and air to all the major cities in the country. Entry to the palace costs Rs 1000 per person as of 15 August 2015. This includes a tour of the palace and can be credited towards food and drink in the courtyard restaurant. The tour includes the ladies waiting rooms, the shish mahal (room of mirrors), the Durbar hall, and the pool area viewing only. Samode Palace, Samode Haveli and Samode Bagh are the three heritage structures which is worth the visit. This was initially  built in 16th Century. Samode Haveli was built by 150 years ago. Samode bagh was landscaped by 150 years ago. All the structures display an exemplary showcase of paintings marble floors, intricately ornamented pillars, mosaic walls (with tiny pieces of small inlaid stones), with luxurious carpets, and decorated with old wall paintings hunting scenes, floral motifs and so forth.